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To inspire our customers to be and looked at their absolute best in their unique beauty. 

To create and market innovative cosmetics that outwardly bring out the beauty and inspire confidence from within 


The brand name "MELALOWE" is a combination of two words.

"Mela" means apple in Italian. In Greek mythology, the golden apple that grants immortality grows in the garden of Hesperides. 

The story goes that Eris, the goddess of discord, was not invited to a wedding feast. Angered,

she went to the party anyway and threw the golden apple with the inscription

"For the most beautiful one" as a temptation.

 Immediately, three beautiful goddesses sought to claim the apple and began to argue amongst themselves as to who deserved it.  

This apple signifies a dangerous and alluring fruit.  

"Lowe" (originally spelled Löwe) is the German word for "lion."

I hope to support you to be as strong, confident, beautiful, and noble as a lion. 

Through our offering of inspiringly designed cosmetics with sophisticated colours, I want to inspire your confidence and bring out your unique beauty, 

I am hoping for you

to always be at your absolute best.

From the Founder, 

Saki Fujiko