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A lip tint that moisturizes and gives a glossy shine to your lip. Radiantly coloured, yet amazingly long lasting.

MELALOWE's unique four colour variations are created by combining a formula that is designed to last and display exquisite transient shades.

Select the colour that best suits your mood and enjoy!


In the game of darts, the "Bull's Eye" is the name for the center target area of the target board. Hitting the Bull`s Eye is an exhilirating experience, which requires luck but also skill to achieve.

■ Caring for your Lip Tint

The Glow tint has high water content and is emulsified with oil. If it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time or stored at a high temperature, there is a possibility that separation or discoloration may occur. Please avoid placing it under direct sunlight. Store the lip tint in a cool and dark place. We recommend that you start using the product without storing it for a long period of time and that you use it up as soon as possible after opening the package.